Integrated Systems

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Integrated Systems

See the comfort of your home improve greatly while your utility costs plunge with an integrated heating system.

An integrated heating system works by adding radiant heating to your forced air system. These are two completely different systems, but instead of working against each other they are designed by the experts at Thornton Plumbing and Heating to work together under one thermostat. That means you still have one control, but the efficiency and comfort of two systems.

The radiant heat will keep your home toasty warm, but if you can't keep the house at the set temperature, then the forced air system will kick in automatically to supplement the radiant heat. The two systems working together as one keep your environment as comfortable as possible.

Radiant heat is more efficient that forced air. That means that your forced air system is working far less of the time. Radiant heat also utilizes heat better, which means heat loss is minimized. With an integrated system you don't have to worry about the two separate systems because they are both under the same thermostat.

Having the two systems working together saves you considerable energy and money over time. You could see up to 30% savings in lower utitlity bills with the addition of radiant heating. More importantly, it keeps your home more comfortable all the time.




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