Benefits of Radiant

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Benefits of Radiant Heating

When you use an old fashioned air system to heat your home, you are using air to transfer the heat to your body. The heat is diluted, and a lot of area is being heated that you don't need heated (from your head to the ceiling). With radiant heating, the floor transfers heat directly to your body keeping you warmer with less energy. Plus, by heating the floor you're heating only the most efficient areas, saving you money.


Thornton Plumbing and Heating provides radiant heating that puts the heat where it warms you, not the air. Radiant heat eliminates cold floors in kitchens and bathrooms where the air around you is warm but cold tile chills your feet.

Radiant heating will adjust to the temperature outside. It doesn't matter how cold it is outside, you will still feel warm and cozy inside. Your floors will always remain a mild temperature, so you can get rid of the slippers in winter while still feeling comfortable in shoes during the summer. This is what makes radiant heat perfect for warehouses, factories, offices or homes.



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