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High Efficiency Equipment

High effeciancy central air operates much quieter than standard air blowers. That means less disruption, and more comfort for you and your family.

Central air conditioners can be up to twice as efficient as standard air conditioners. That means you could be saving hundreds of dollars each year in lower energy bills. Most models operate at lower levels most of the time, which is how they save you money. Standard air conditioners run only at full speed.

Standard air conditioners kick in, and then run at a high level to cool down your home. This means it usually cools your home a number of degrees cooler than you have set. The fluctuation in temperature ranges from the coolest after the air conditioner stops to the hottest right before the air conditioner kicks in.

High efficiency systems keep your home at a more consistant temperature. By running at a low level most of the time, they maintain a cool, comfortable temperature rather than letting it get too hot or too cold.

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